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Headlines for Social Media
Facebook reports surge in government requests for data
Facebook Inc said content restrictions and government requests for data surged in the first half of 2015, which the social network has seen continually increase since it began publicly releasing such data two years ago.
Online recipes adapting with quick, slick social media video format

A More Useful Notifications Tab on Mobile

Facebook Admits Its App Has Been Draining Your iPhone Battery
Facebook has confirmed that its iOS app has been draining iPhone batteries and has vowed to fix the problem.
Kanye West is ranting tweets on in-app purchases highlight problem in kids games
Like the hip-hop star, who recently dropped an F-bomb on Twitter over in-app purchases for kids' mobile video games, Holmes has been burned by her young child inadvertently racking up a bill on her tablet.
The new social frontier: Instant messaging usage jumps 12% as more people opt for closed platforms
New report shows 55% of global internet users are on instant messaging (IM) every day
Chrissy Teigen Slams Peeple App

Facebook Suffers Global Outage For 30 Minutes
Facebook, the world's biggest social network, went offline on Thursday morning for about 30 minutes in what appears to have been a brief global outage.
Crowdsite Launches Twitter Style Marketplace For Freelance Services

Major Skype Outage Hits Users Worldwide
Service problems affected a large number of Skype users around the world earlier today, but the company said it has identified the cause of the outage and is now rectifying the issue.
Introducing BUMPN: Express Your Love With 3D Touch

Facebook working on dislike button, Zuckerberg says

Instagram Making You Sad? Blame the Kardashians
Shira Hecht keeps up with all her friends on Instagram, but she still hasn't met most of the 896 people she follows.
Oot and aboot on Twitter: how the @Canada account first tweet came to be
How many polar bears is too many to promote Canada?
Oracle Helps Organizations Power Customer Experiences with Latest Releases of Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud
Oracle unveiled significant new functionality within Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud that helps organizations deliver better customer experience and drive more informed business decisions.
Twitter finally drops the 140-character limit from direct messages
Say whatever's on your mind, up to 10,000 characters
Aquila, Facebook First Drone for
Facebook said it designed and built a high-altitude solar-powered plane in 14 months, and that tests will begin later this year.
One Year In: Free Basic Services

Sign Up for Messenger, Without a Facebook Account
With Messenger, we’ve been focused on creating the best messaging experience possible by giving people a fun and easy way to connect and express themselves with friends and contacts.
Twitter Dick Costolo to step down as CEO in yet another shake-up