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Headlines for Gaming
Ubisoft celebrates the opening of the Rabbids Amusement Center

Sony In-Car Audio Takes the Driver Seat with Smartphone Connectivity
Sony Electronics announced its new XAV-AX100 in-car audio system.
Lenovo Gives Virtual Reality Wings to Its Newest Gaming Desktop Designs
New IdeaCentre Y710 Cube and IdeaCentre AIO Y910 are high on performance and save on space
Pokémon GO gets millennials moving: 60% report increased activity
53% who play the game have fitness trackers
Mettle technology serves key role for 30 Ninjas in creating Conan ground-breaking 360 VR experience

Pokémon Go has eclipsed $200 million in total revenue one month after launching

Pokémon Go got updated and not everyone is happy with the changes

Pokemon Go launches in France and Hong Kong as Nintendo stock plummets

Pokemon fans accidentally wander over US-Canada border

TurnStyle Brings Pokémon to Life Under the Streets of New York City

How to get started playing Pokemon Go
Ready to hit the streets in search of a Pikachu?
Topgolf Can Now Be Played 24/7 on the WGT Golf App

Pokemon GO is earning Apple App Store 3x as much money as Nintendo
App Store chart-topping downloads of the hit game Pokemon GO have sent Nintendo's stock soaring, adding more than $7 billion to its market capitalization
Xbox introduces future of gaming beyond console generations and without boundaries

G2A.COM Entertains Gamers Around the World with Movie Premiere of Warcraft: The Beginning

Nintendo Canada GM Pierre-Paul Trepanier on what makes Canadian gamers different
Canadians seem to prefer console gaming to portable gaming compared to the U.S.—and very much so compared to Japan
Canadian League of Gamers announces Northern Arena, the first professional eSports League in Canada

The StickyBalls Franchise Celebrates 150 Years!

Apple Celebrates Chinese Music with GarageBand Update
Apple announced an update to GarageBand that celebrates the rich history of Chinese music with new instruments and extensive Chinese language localization throughout the app.
Nintendo sees smartphone games, new console pushing up FY profit