Headlines for Digital Home
SiriusXM Canada launches Sarah McLachlan Radio

Fraser Institute: Netflix-CRTC standoff is chance to open Canadian TV system
A new Fraser Institute paper suggests that the recent stand-off between Netflix and the CRTC provides an opportunity for the government to dismantle barriers that prevent open competition in Canadian television broadcasting.
SiriusXM Canada declares October Russell Peters Month
Russell Peters to take over SiriusXM's Canada Laughs channel for a full month
Bell Media Invests in Canadian Digital Startup Hubub
As core part of digital strategy, Bell Media commits to broad marketing campaign and obtains exclusive monetization rights in Canada for innovative new platform -
New Philips white light blinks when your team scores!
Philips launches Hue lux, bringing more choice to homeowners wanting to get smart with bright white light
LG Unrolls a TV Screen That Rolls Up
One possibility for LG's rollable OLED TV screen -- you could carry a very small device, such as mini-tablet, in your pocket and then unfold its screen to the size of a full-screen monitor.
SiriusXM Canada and CFL renew multi-year broadcast agreement
All SiriusXM subscribers to get CFL games from across the league including playoffs and Grey Cup
Books to Bytes: Qidenus Technologies - Market Leader in Automatised Book Digitization - Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

marblemedia announces development partnership with Cirque du Soleil Média
marblemedia and Cirque du Soleil Média to develop three television properties
Advertising at a tipping point: print tumbling, TV rebounding, internet steaming ahead
PwC study shows that advertisers are following the consumer migration to digital
Quebec City business brings smart TV experience to a hotel near you
Vote for Quebec's finalist in the race for $100,000 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award Grand Prize
More Canadians cutting the cord? TV subscriber numbers fall for first time
Canadians may be starting to cut the cord on traditional television packages, as figures published Thursday by the federal broadcast regulator show subscribers declining for the first time in the face of proliferating online options.
Bell 1st, Rogers last in Netflix Canada ISP ranking

Gartner Says Access to Digital Talent is Crucial for Digital Strategies to Succeed


Phone companies expected to win over more cable customers with fibre-optic TV
Armed with fast fibre-optic networks that can now reach millions of homes across the country, Canada's telephone companies have turned the tables on the cable companies.
Xform Computing Announces World First Dual-Screen Streaming Cloud Desktop for iPad and iPhone, Using Apple TV

Netflix says intends one or two dollar increase for new members

SiriusXM announces special programming for 2014 NBA Playoffs
SiriusXM NBA Radio, channel 217, to feature interviews with some of the greatest postseason players in NBA history
SiriusXM Canada to broadcast every game of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs