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Headlines for E-Business
Drones could soon be buzzing about at an airport near you – on leashes

SavvyDox Named to CIOReview 20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers 2016

Raul Besker of RG System in the News

Doubling battery power of consumer electronics
An MIT spinout is preparing to commercialize a novel rechargable lithium metal battery that offers double the energy capacity of the lithium ion batteries that power many of today’s consumer electronics.
Channel Wars - The Battle For Customer Ownership!
Is this the final frontier of the channel where all forces battle for ownership of the customer?
Launch of Top 10 Digital Agencies Begins Work on Finding the Best Firms in the US and Canada

Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies Three Key Trends That Organizations Must Track to Gain Competitive Advantage

Australian Businesses are Coming to Terms with Managing Identities in Digital Business

Drone Delivery Canada announces collaboration with Canadian retailer on development of last mile solution by Drone

VersaPay To Provide Torani With Accounts Receivable Automation Solution

Delta cancels flights due to computer issues
The airline says a power outage at its headquarters affected its computer system, grounding flights.
How the LCBO launches its ecommerce site in less than 12 months

Drone Flight Operations To Improve as The Weather Company, an IBM Business, and AirMap Join to Deliver Real-time Hyperlocal Weather Data
One of the largest private weather enterprises in the world, The Weather Company, an IBM Business, announced that they will be working with AirMap, a leading provider of low-altitude airspace management services for unmanned aircraft, to allow AirMap to deliver real-time hyperlocal weather data directly to drone operators.
Rethinking Your Channel Strategy

Gartner Says South Africa IT Spending to Grow 3.8 Percent in 2016
Software spending is on pace to exhibit its highest ever year-on-year growth in 2016, at 11.4 percent.

Is the channel future like a frog in water that is slowly boiling?
If you know the story about the frog in water that is slowly boiling, then you know what happens to it.
Robot Builder Construct House In Two Days

ChannelCON 2016…Test your strength with the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Business Assessment

Disney Could Track Park Guests Using Their Feet