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Message from CompTIA

Are You Ready For The Digital Future?
Leaders (96%) believe new technologies have forever-changed the rules of business, democratizing information and rewiring customer expectations
Data Deposit Box at ChannelNext East

Nirix at ChannelNext East

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Epson at ChannelNext East

The Most Complete Office 365 Partner Experience
When it comes to adding the Cloud to their business model, many MSPs and VARs have a hard time figuring out how to position themselves in this new market.
Drone Collision with Jet Highlights Growing Aviation Danger
A collision between a British Airways passenger jet and a drone over London has left the plane undamaged but the aviation industry deeply shaken.
Gartner 2016 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey Shows That Half of CEOs Expect Their Industries to Be Substantially or Unrecognizably Transformed by Digital

100 Best Workplaces in Canada!

Auto Dealer Data Integration in Canada Accelerates Using Oxlo ODIN

Porsche appoints Gartner expert to drive new technology developments
Porsche has hired a specialist from U.S. information technology industries consultant Gartner Inc. to lead the development of online connectivity in its sports cars, the company said.
Free the Robots! Open Source Robotics Software Opens Floodgates to DIYers
From Google’s self-driving cars to IBM Watson’s talking, dancing Connie, some of the world’s biggest companies are in hot pursuit of robots.
Why conferences matter more than ever?
Just meeting and exchanging ideas with your peers can be reason enough to attend a conference.
Gartner Says Technology Service Providers Must Implement a Bimodal Road Map or Risk Being Left Behind

OpenTable Unveils Dish Pics You Can Taste

Gartner Says the Economics of Connections Will Fuel Digital Business

Uber launches bug bounty program with top prize of $10,000

Videotron is Québec most respected telecommunications company
For the eleventh year in a row, Léger’s annual corporate reputation survey has ranked Videotron first among telecommunications companies.
Paper and Printing as a Source for Communication