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Evolving with IT Revolution at ChannelNext West 2014

Special Report: How Sony Systems Were Hacked
In late breaking news on Thursday, an unnamed U.S. government official told the press that investigators have solved the vexing question of how the computer network at Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked
Backup with MAXfocus (formerly GFI Max)

Facebook Ditches Bing Search Results
Less than a week after announcing new in-house search capabilities, Facebook has quietly stopped serving up results from Microsoft's Bing search engine.
More than Motherboards with Asus at ChannelNext West 2014

Report: eBay Mulling Thousands of Layoffs
Ebay reportedly is considering laying off thousands of employees as it prepares to shed its huge online payments division, PayPal.
Availiabilty Solutions with Veeam at ChannelNext West 2014

Skype Translator Preview An Exciting Journey to a New Chapter in Communication
For more than a decade, Skype has been breaking down geographical barriers to make every day audio and video communications possible.
Samsung Digital Signage Is A Big Money Maker For VARs
Watch Marco Nalli as he showcases the total digital signage solution from Samsung in this 30-minute webinar. Digital signage is everywhere and will be in more places tomorrow.
Datto Acquires Backupify to Create First Total Data Protection Platform
Combined company, technologies will protect data everywhere for nearly two million business customers and 8,000 partners, with excess of 100 petabytes of cloud data worldwide
Managed Print Services with Lexmark at ChannelNext West 2014

With 300 Million Users, Instagram Tops Twitter
Having just recently passed its fourth anniversary, photo-sharing service Instagram has now reached another milestone: more than 300 million monthly active users.
CompTIA at ChannelNext West 2014

Apple Trial likely to go on with new plaintiff
A billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against Apple will likely continue, after a 65-year-old Massachusetts business consultant read about the plaintiffs' floundering case online and volunteered to represent consumers in the suit.
StorageCraft at ChannelNext West 2014

Microsoft, Accenture Launch Hybrid Cloud Platform
As businesses work to move applications to the cloud, a new partnership between two major providers might make that a less daunting task.
eFolder at ChannelNext West 2014

Strike Two? Sony PlayStation Network Is Attacked
If this were a movie, you'd have to conclude Sony has angered a vengeful enemy.
F-Secure at ChannelNext West 2014

New smartphones and smart cars boost computer chip sales
Strong demand for smartphones and automotive electronics has boosted growth for the semiconductor industry this year, as a global industry association said results for 2014 were set to have beaten forecasts with further modest growth expected.