Headlines for Wireless
Heading to the U.S.? Customers can now access their Share Everything minutes, text and data for $5/day

Hotel WiFi Test Ranks Hotels by WiFi Happiness
The new ranking answers a simple question: how happy would a guest be with the WiFi at a given hotel?
BlackBerry Named a Leader in Enterprise Mobile Management
BlackBerry achieves the highest score in the “Strategy” category
The state of wireless competition does not justify more interventionist measures

BlackBerry Passport Redefines Productivity for Mobile Professionals with Boundary-Breaking Design and Features
1:1 Aspect Ratio and Touch-Enabled Keyboard Challenge Industry’s Status Quo
Apple Announces Record Pre-orders for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Top Four Million in First 24 Hours
Available in More Than 20 Additional Countries on Friday, September 26
Chinese Vendors Will Drive Growth of White-Box Smartphones and Tablets Through 2015
Demand for affordable connected devices, mostly from emerging markets, is continuing to drive strong sales of white-box smartphones and tablets in 2014.
The majority of Canadians can now benefit from the terms of the wireless code

Ontario Doctors to Study Symptoms from Cell Phone and Wifi Exposure

Apple Announces Apple Pay
Transforming Mobile Payments with an Easy, Secure & Private Way to Pay
New Nokia Lumia smartphones bring high-end imaging capabilities to more accessible price points
New Lumia 830, 730 Dual SIM and 735 smartphones offer industry-leading camera technology and software in a slim, colorful package.
Ontario School Bans Cell Phones in the Classroom

California to require anti-theft kill switches on smartphones

BlackBerry Appoints Dr. Sandeep Chennakeshu President of BlackBerry Technology Solutions Business Unit

Android Hits 85 Percent Smartphone Market Share
Although it has reached a milestone in terms of market share, the only possible fly in the ointment of Google's Android mobile platform right now could be Apple's pending release of iPhones with larger screens.
Getting Around NYC With Fido: With Whisk, Now There an App for That

LiveDeal Inc. Launches Its Fastest, Most Responsive IOS App to Date

Rogers and GLENTEL renew multi-year national retail distribution agreement

Sprint Teams with Google to Offer Google Apps for Business
Sprint’s mobility expertise paired with high-touch service and support delivers comprehensive, customer-friendly cloud-based solution
FISO Technologies Launches a New OEM Signal Conditioner