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Headlines for Security
Viruses, Worms and Trojans Oh My!

Amy Schumer is No. 1 on the 2016 McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities List
Now in its 10th year, the study reveals which celebrities, musicians and TV hosts generate the most dangerous search results, potentially exposing consumers to malware.
SecureKey Completes $27 Million Strategic Investment Round

Phishing and Ransomware Pose Serious Security Threats

Samsung Canada Announces Refund and Exchange Details for Note7 Devices

Canadian SMB cyberattack risk spikes once $10 million annual revenue reached

ThreatSTOP launches next generation of DNS Firewall to Stop Outbound Communications with Threat Actors

Herjavec Group Introduces Advanced Identity and Access Management Practice Following Acquisition of Aikya Security Solutions

WikiLeaks Assange Promises Leaks on U.S. Election, Google

Defending Canada from the Escalating Threat of Cybercrime
The challenge of cyber security has escalated from an IT problem into a strategic corporate issue that demands C-suite ownership and action. 
Provincial Police Launch Campaign to Enhance Cyber Security

Canada plays catchup as wireless providers create emergency alerts for cellphones
A new emergency alert system that transmits messages directly to cellphones, whether people want the alerts or not, is in the works for Canada.
BlackBerry and Zimperium Partner to provide trusted mobile threat protection for enterprise and government customers
BlackBerry Limited and Zimperium, Inc. are partnering to deliver enterprise and government customers with comprehensive mobile threat detection, risk analysis and prevention for both iOS and Android devices.
Strengthening the fight against cybercrime
Steven Wilson - Head of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and Mr. Philip Reitinger, President & CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), agreed to strengthen the fight against cybercrime together
Justin Bieber is the top Canadian on the 2016 McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities List
Comedians, Musicians and TV Hosts Rank Highly on the 10th Annual Most Dangerous Celebrities List
The Shortage of Cybersecurity Experts is a National Security Threat

Sophos Launches Next Generation of Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware Technology With Sophos Intercept X
Sophos announced Sophos Intercept X, a next-generation endpoint security product that stops zero-day malware, unknown exploit variants and stealth attacks, and includes an advanced anti-ransomware feature that can detect previously unknown ransomware within seconds.
Big email hack does not exactly send the message Yahoo needed

McAfee Labs Report Follows the Money to Assess Criminal Operations Behind Hospital Ransomware
Intel Security survey shows healthcare and manufacturing sectors are among the least prepared to prevent data loss.
ISARA Corporation Readies Security Measures for the Quantum Age