ChannelNext 2014
Headlines for Security
RSA Web Threat Detection Adds Enhanced Visibility & Analytics; Takes on Mobile Fraud
New analyst dashboard is engineered to enable organizations to isolate cyber criminal activity from legitimate online customers quickly.
Should research fraud be treated as a crime? Toronto expert says Yes
If you perpetrate a fraud in most walks of life, you risk facing criminal charges. But that rarely happens to scientists who commit research fraud.
Barracuda Web Application Firewall Now Available in Azure Gallery as part of Microsoft Azure Certified

Are you compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) that came into effect on July 1, 2014?
What you should know about CSLA?  
Microsoft Buys Disaster Recovery Service InMage
Looking at the big picture behind Microsoft's acquisition of InMage, Microsoft's Takeshi Numoto emphasized that enterprise customers are still trying to find the best, most valuable ways to take advantage of cloud computing.
Gartner Says 2015 Will See the Emergence of Digital Risk and the Digital Risk Officer
Analysts to Focus on Digital Risk Trends at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summits 2014, August 25-26 in Sydney, September 8-9 in London and September 15-16 in Dubai
Microsoft says cybercrime bust frees 4.7 million infected PCs
Microsoft Corp said it has freed at least 4.7 million infected personal computers from control of cyber crooks in its most successful digital crime-busting operation, which interrupted service at an Internet-services firm last week.
Absolute Software Examines Prevention and Consequences of Serious Data Breaches
Global Endpoint Security Solution Provider Taps Renowned Cybercrime Expert to Lead Forensic Discussion of Impacts and Effective Deterrents to Disastrous Data Breaches
Symantec Launches Initiative to Close Cybersecurity Workforce Gap
Symantec announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind program, the Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3), to address the global workforce gap in cybersecurity and provide new career opportunities for young adults who may not be college-bound.
Anti-Spam Law in Canada Kicks in July 1st. 2014. Yippee?
The spirit of the law to protect Canadians from unwanted e-mail communications makes common sense.
Black & Decker recalls 108,000 routers because of shock risk

Adidas lifts ban on sales via eBay, other online sites

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Technologies for Information Security in 2014

Trend Micro Launches Global Partner Program
New program enables partners to quickly capitalize on business opportunities
Summer and Facebook - thieves love them both
Aviva Canada data shows home burglaries increase in summer months and advises Canadians to not post vacation plans on social media
Cybercrime Costs Business More than $400B Annually
Part of the $400B annual loss from cybercrime is connected to what experts call “recovery costs,” or the digital and electronic clean up that takes place after an attack, according to security firm McAfee.
Gartner Says Organizations Must Prepare for the Security Implications of the Digital Workplace

Upsurge in hacking makes customer data a corporate time bomb
With hackers stealing tens of millions of customer details in recent months, firms across the globe are ratcheting up IT security and nervously wondering which of them is next.
New bugs found in software that caused Heartbleed cyber threat

Drive Only.. Never Text campaign helps create awareness on the dangers of texting while driving