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Headlines for Security
JPMorgan probes possible cyber attack; reports other banks hit
JPMorgan Chase & Co is investigating a possible cyber attack and working with law enforcement authorities to determine the scope, a company spokeswoman said.
Gartner Says Worldwide Information Security Spending Will Grow Almost 8 Percent in 2014 as Organizations Become More Threat-Aware
Worldwide spending on information security will reach $71.1 billion in 2014, an increase of 7.9 percent over 2013, with the data loss prevention segment recording the fastest growth at 18.9 percent
California to require anti-theft kill switches on smartphones

UPS Stores in 24 States Hit by Data Breach

Did They Cheat Enterprises Inc. Launches the First Self-Detective Website the DTC Network

FBI probing reported theft of 1.2 billion Internet credentials
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating a report by a U.S. cybersecurity firm that it uncovered some 1.2 billion Internet logins and passwords amassed by a Russian crime ring, the largest known collection of such stolen data.
Facebook Color Change Scam Spreads Malware
There have been an increasing number of these types of malicious apps appearing in Facebook.
Trend Micro Q2 Security Round Up Highlights Need for Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy to Keep Information Secure

BlackBerry Further Expands Unparalleled Security Credentials with New Government Approval for Multi-Platform Management
Secure Work Space for iOS and Android receives Security Technical Implementation Guide approval for the U.S. Department of Defense
The Epic Snake: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Turla Cyber-Espionage Campaign
Turla, also known as Snake or Uroburos is one of the most sophisticated ongoing cyber-espionage campaigns.
Can Planes Be Hacked via Onboard Wi-Fi?
IOActive security researcher Ruben Santamarta claims that "in theory" a hacker could use a airplane's inflight Wi-Fi signal or inflight entertainment system to interfere with its navigation and safety systems.
New Hunting Camera Promises Wireless Security Anywhere

Gartner Says India Security Market is on Pace to Grow 8 Percent in 2014
Security vendor revenue (hardware, software and services) in India will grow from $882 million in 2013 to $953 million in 2014, according to Gartner, Inc.
Poll Shows Americans Deeply Concerned about Online Privacy, Mistrust Social Media

Canadian Technology Company offers Canadian Government a solution to protect against Foreign Government Sponsored Attacks

Microsoft and Akamai join forces in first cybersecurity-focused accelerator in Israel
The partnership strengthens the existing collaboration between Microsoft and Jerusalem Ventures Partners.
RSA Web Threat Detection Adds Enhanced Visibility & Analytics; Takes on Mobile Fraud
New analyst dashboard is engineered to enable organizations to isolate cyber criminal activity from legitimate online customers quickly.
Should research fraud be treated as a crime? Toronto expert says Yes
If you perpetrate a fraud in most walks of life, you risk facing criminal charges. But that rarely happens to scientists who commit research fraud.
Barracuda Web Application Firewall Now Available in Azure Gallery as part of Microsoft Azure Certified

Are you compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) that came into effect on July 1, 2014?
What you should know about CSLA?