Headlines for Security
Special Report: How Sony Systems Were Hacked
In late breaking news on Thursday, an unnamed U.S. government official told the press that investigators have solved the vexing question of how the computer network at Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked
Avigilon Acquires ObjectVideo Entire Patent Portfolio and Licensing Program
Avigilon acquires strategic intellectual property and continues to build video analytics patent portfolio
Apple Trial likely to go on with new plaintiff
A billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against Apple will likely continue, after a 65-year-old Massachusetts business consultant read about the plaintiffs' floundering case online and volunteered to represent consumers in the suit.
Strike Two? Sony PlayStation Network Is Attacked
If this were a movie, you'd have to conclude Sony has angered a vengeful enemy.
Smartphone users becoming greater targets for hacking, stolen information

Some Security Experts Doubt North Korea Hacked Sony

Germany signs no-spy deal with BlackBerry, OKs purchase of encryption specialist Secusmart
 Germany has approved BlackBerry's purchase of encryption firm Secusmart after signing a "no-spy" agreement with the Canadian smartphone maker.
Information security incidents outpace global GDP growth and smartphone adoption: GSISS 2015
False sense of security – Detection of information security breaches drop in Canada
IBM Brings More Security, Control to Cloud-Based DevOps with new Bluemix Dedicated Platform
New Bluemix Dedicated and private API tools help developers securely build, test and deploy hybrid cloud applications
Researchers say sophisticated malware targets banks, telecom companies and public agencies
Cyber-security researchers say they've identified a highly sophisticated computer hacking program that's been used for several years to spy on banks, telecommunications companies and government agencies around the world.
Web Site Shows Feeds from Thousands of Private Webcams
Using Internet-connected devices without strong passwords is inherently risky, as illustrated by reports that a Russian Web site is showing live footage from thousands of people's webcams.
U.S. accuses China of cyber spying on American companies

Microsoft acquires Aorato to give enterprise customers better defense against digital intruders in a hybrid cloud world
They are making this acquisition to give customers a new level of protection against threats through better visibility into their identity infrastructure.
McAfee 12 Scams of the Holidays List Educates Shoppers on How to Avoid Unwrapping an Online Threat and Keep Their Digital Lives Safe
Cybersecurity Threats Heighten During the Holiday Season as More Consumers are Expected to Unknowingly Share Their Personal Information Across Their Devices
Canadian students to learn digital safety strategies through new Intel Security and Discovery Education Program
Initiative provides student certification along with tools for educators and parents to enable children to make safer decisions on the Internet
Kaspersky Lab Sheds Light on Darkhotel, Where Business Executives Fall Prey to an Elite Spying Crew
The Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team researched the “Darkhotel” espionage campaign, which has lurked in the shadows for at least four years while stealing sensitive data from selected corporate executives travelling abroad.
CertainSafe Featured in October Research Report on Cyber Security Threats

Authorities Take Down Hundreds of Dark Net Sites
Officials went after so-called 'dark net' sites that sell illegal drugs, arresting 17 people in one of the largest stings ever staged against the virtual organized crime world.
RSA: Despite a Year of Breaches, Consumers Security Behaviors Unchanged
Consumer online security study surveys more than 1000 consumers in the United States
IBM and Tencent Cloud Partner to Transform Industries with Cloud
China Internet giant teams with IBM to serve enterprise cloud market