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Headlines for Security
10 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) Say Passwords Are Failing and Must Be Augmented or Supplanted
CISOs say advanced authentication methods must be used in tandem with traditional passwords  
Do you like being watched?

Trend Micro Market Leader in Server Security Market for Sixth Consecutive Year
Made In Canada security solution underpins market leadership position
iPoint Takes Over Software Specialist for Safety and Environment
With Inplus Acquisition iPoint Expands Portfolio with Solutions for Occupational and Plant Safety as well as Environmental Management
Studies on Network Security Risks: Most Organizations Should Be Looking Inside, at Their Own Users

5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016
About 12 months ago, we told you that 2014 would surely go down in history as the year of the hacker.
Web Hosting Canada adds expanded cybersecurity protection to its small business web hosting solutions

Hackers Likely To Target More Apple Devices in 2016
The Apple ecosystem has managed to avoid suffering from many of the worst cybercrimes and exploits over the years.
Canadian Web Hosting Acquires eSecureData, Further Expanding Datacenter Business in Canada

Study Finds That Many IT Professionals Agree that Data is More Secure on Cloud Servers Than on the Average On-site Network
Small and midsize companies are protecting their data by moving to the cloud, where providers can and do invest more time into network security than an on-site network.
IBM Security Launches App Exchange to Further Industry Collaboration against Cybercrime
Partners Deliver new QRadar Security Analytics Apps Using Open Programming Tools
FreshBooks Reveals Mobile Card Reader to Enable Small Businesses to Securely Accept Credit Card Payments While On-the-Go

Cybersecurity tips and strategies for retailers during the holiday season.
Holiday shopping is in full effect, and consumers, as well as retailers, are taking advantage of the benefits of the internet.
Cyber Thieves Could Target Black Friday And Christmas Shoppers, Say Experts
Black Friday shoppers in search of pre-Christmas bargains could face an increased risk from cyber thieves both online and in shops, say security experts.
Dell Takes Endpoint Security to a New Level with Cylance Advanced Threat Protection Technology
New Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise employs artificial intelligence for industry-leading advanced threat protection
Smartphones may have role in rise of U.S. traffic deaths

Canada failing in fight against cybercrime, hacking
Canada is lagging behind the U.S., Britain and other countries in defending citizens and businesses against malicious hackers and cyber-criminals, say numerous groups involved in trying to police the internet.
New IBM Cloud Tool Eliminates the Need for Users to Share Personal Data with Apps
IBM Identity Mixer, now available on Bluemix, enables developers to build apps which protect consumer privacy and combat identity theft
Hackers may hit home for the holidays
It could be a merry holiday season for hackers, with millions of new and potentially vulnerable Internet-connected gadgets hitting the market.
How the Internet Aids Terrorists And How It Can Be Used to Stop Them
The terrorist attacks in Paris last weekend have predictably resulted in calls for ratcheting up the Surveillance Industrial Complex and for clamping down on freedom of speech across the Net.