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Headlines for Security
Security Fail: What Was the Most Used Password in 2016?
According to a study released by a leading cybersecurity firm, top passwords used by netizens are so weak that it will take only few seconds to crack them.
Zyxel Launches High-Performance Stackable Switches for Bandwidth-Intensive Network Environments

One in Three Cyberattacks Result in a Security Breach/ Yet Most Canadian Organizations Remain Confident in Their Ability to Protect Themselves
A new security survey from Accenture  finds that in the past twelve months, roughly one in three targeted attacks resulted in an actual security breach, which equates to three effective attacks per month for the average Canadian company.
Norton Introduces Elegantly Designed Norton Core, A Digital Safety Solution for Connected Homes
Building on a heritage of industry-leading and award-winning  security software, Norton by Symantec today changed the future of digital safety with the announcement of Norton Core.
Enigma Software Group Responds to Malwarebytes Incompatibility

2016 Cybercrime and Worst Hacks: Year in Review
It has already been a record-setting year for hacking scandals, and the headlines show no signs of slowing as we reach the end of 2016.
True Key by Intel Security is the First Multi-Factor Authentication Password Manager to Enhance its Security with Windows Hello
Enhanced Features Make Securing Your Digital Life Easier & Safer
Yahoo big breach helps usher in an age of hacker anxiety
Yahoo has become the worst-case example of an unnerving but increasingly common phenomenon — massive hacks that steal secrets and other potentially revealing information from our personal digital accounts, or from big organizations that hold sensitive data on our behalf.
IBM Study: Businesses More likely to Pay Ransomware than Consumers

Cybersecurity Entering New Territory in 2017
Kaspersky Lab says it anticipates the continuing rise of ransomware in 2017 and other security experts agree.
Cyberimpact invests $1M in innovative solutions to the largest marketing challenge faced by Canadian SMEs

McAfee Labs Threats Predictions Preview Cyber Threats for 2017 And Beyond
McAfee Labs predicts 14 security developments for 2017
Partnering to Help Curb Spread of Online Terrorist Content
Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are coming together to help curb the spread of terrorist content online.
How to Leverage Social Media Alerts and Trends
Monitoring for more than just brand mentions is imperative in today's media landscape.
Vaultive Announces Next-Generation Cloud Access Security Broker Platform

HackerYou Becomes First Accredited Coding Bootcamp in Ontario

Kaspersky Lab Researchers Announce Threat Predictions for 2017
The list for 2017 includes the impact of bespoke and disposable tools, the growing use of misdirection in terms of attacker identity, the fragility of an indiscriminately Internet-connected world, and the use of cyberattacks as a weapon of information warfare.
New McAfee Survey Reveals Only 42 Percent of Consumers Take Proper Security Measures to Protect Their New Gadgets
Streaming Sticks, Drones and Smart Home Products Top List of Devices that Can Compromise Consumers’ Security if Left Unprotected
CGI expands cybersecurity capabilities by opening new security operations center in France

Fewer than Half (44 per cent) of Canadian Consumers Take Proper Security Measures to Protect New Gadgets: McAfee Survey
Streaming Sticks, Drones and Smart Home Products Top the List of Devices that Can Compromise Consumers' Security if Left Unprotected