Headlines for Security
AVG Business Extends Global Footprint with Latest Release of AVG Business Managed Workplace Platform
Broadens Remote Monitoring and Management
IBM Brings Cyber Threat Analytics to The Cloud
Delivers Power of QRadar Security Intelligence as a Cloud Service, New Managed Services Bring Added Skills, Expertise and Flexibility
Certicom Launches Managed Certificate Service to Secure Sensor Networks and loT Applications
Technology firms increasingly pitch new sensors and software to U.S. airports as a way to bolster exterior security and keep intruders out, but such digital barriers come with a hefty price tag and don't always work.
Certicom Launches Managed Certificate Service to Secure Sensor Networks and IoT Applications
Elliptic Curve Cryptography offers high-end, low-cost protection for millions of smart connected devices
IBM Opens Threat Intelligence to Combat Cyber Attacks
Shares Data in IBM X-Force Exchange, its New Cyber Threat Sharing Platform
Gartner Says Security Analytics May Be Key in Breach Detection
Analysts to Discuss Emerging Security Trends and Technologies at Upcoming Gartner Security and Risk Management Summits
Hackers Using Old Tricks To Snare Victims in Their Cyber Traps
The report reveals that cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but that many criminals still rely on decades-old techniques such as phishing and hacking. 
RSA Survey Says Most Enterprises Not Prepared for Cyberattacks
Most organizations are not following incident response best practices and are not properly prepared to face the challenges of modern-day cyber threats.
Deceptive New Tactics Give Advanced Attackers Free Reign Over Corporate Networks
Symantec report reveals five out of six large companies were targeted in 2014, a 40 percent increase over the previous year
Cyber threats must be addressed without trade barriers: U.S. commerce secretary

Singtel acquires Trustwave and strengthens its global cyber security capabilities
Singtel signed an agreement to acquire a 98% equity interest in US-based Trustwave, a leading specialist in managed security services. Trustwave Chairman and CEO, Robert J McCullen, will hold the balance 2% equity interest.
Obama Signs Order Creating Cyber Sanctions Program
President Barack Obama authorized a new U.S. government approach to deterring cyberattacks: financial sanctions against malicious overseas hackers and companies that knowingly benefit from the fruits of cyberespionage.
New Secunia Report Finds 15,435 Vulnerabilities in Close to 4,000 Applications in 2014
15,435 vulnerabilities across 3,870 applications were recorded in 2014 – that’s an 18% increase in vulnerabilities compared to the year before, and a 22% increase in the number of products. 
IBM Sponsored Study Finds Mobile App Developers Not Investing in Security

Advanced Threat Detection Appliances - FortiSandBox
FortiSandbox appliances and cloud service Advanced Threat Detection solutions, powered by FortiGuard, deliver a robust combination of proactive detection and mitigation, actionable threat insight and easy, integrated deployment.
Avoiding Phone Hacking
Over four decades on and phone 'phreaking' or hacking is still big business – global communication fraud loss is estimated to be over four times that of credit card fraud.
Hillary Clinton E-Mail Headaches Are Far from Over
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton undoubtedly hoped that Tuesday's 20-minute news conference at the United Nations would put to rest the controversy swirling around her use of a private e-mail server for both government and personal communication during her tenure at the State Department.
Mobile Payment Fraud Is a Growing Problem
As mobile payment solutions continue to become more widely used, mobile payment fraud is a growing concern.
New version of AVG Zen Delivers Family-Focused Security Service to Telcos

Baramundi Showcases Their Secure Client and Mobile Device Management at CeBIT