Headlines for Linux
Adobe Flash Player Square for 64bit support on Windows/Mac/Linux

Fact or Fiction? Top 8 Linux Myths Debunked
If the idea of using LInux in your business is one that makes you nervous, chances are you've fallen prey to one or more of the many myths out there that are frequently disseminated by competing vendors such as Microsoft.
Is Linux Just Another Unix Flavor?
What defines an operating system isn't a geeky label or a collection of ramblings from the mouths of its community members.
Jolicloud 1.0 is set to arrive

Skype announces Mac, Windows support for SkypeKit
SkypeKit, first released in June for Linux, has now added support for both Mac OS X and Windows.
Spotify launches for Linux

Linux Trojan Raises Malware Concerns

Bricsys releases beta version of Bricscad V10 for LINUX

Symantec Study Mischaracterizes Linux Spam

Steam might be coming for Linux too

Sony sued for removing Linux support on PS3
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony for the removal of Linux and ‘Other OS’ feature from the Playstation 3.
Novell Collaborates with IBM to Deliver Software Appliances across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments
IBM leverages SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the SUSE Appliance Program for appliance initiatives across multiple IBM brands
Microsoft will drop Linux, Unix Versions of Enterprise Search

Microsoft predicts Linux will fail mobile 'quality' test

Chrome Browser Runs on Mac, Extends Windows, Linux
After a long wait, Google's Chrome browser is now available for Apple Macintosh and Linux computers.
Linux Mint 8 "Helena" edition released

Nokia could continue to stay away from Linux next year

Mozilla releases second Firefox 3.6 beta
Mozilla to release Firefox 3.6 before the end of the year, has released a second beta of the open-source browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Skype to get an open source version for Linux

Despite Windows 7, Linux raps harder at company doors
The launch of the Windows 7 computer operating system on Thursday should help Microsoft (MSFT) tighten its grip as the dominant supplier of desktops and laptops to the business world