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Headlines for Storage/Data Center
AMD Demonstrates Breakthrough Performance of Next-Generation Zen Processor Core
Performance preview of “Summit Ridge” desktop processor demonstrates AMD achieved 40% Instruction Per Clock improvement; AMD unveils first demonstration of 32-core “Naples” server processor
Next Generation of Memory Chips Could Be 1,000 Times Faster
Most computers and smartphones feature two kinds of chips.
IBM Lab-on-a-Chip Breakthrough Aims to Help Physicians Detect Cancer and Diseases at the Nanoscale
IBM scientists have developed a new lab-on-a-chip technology that can, for the first time, separate biological particles at the nanoscale and could help enable physicians to detect diseases such as cancer before symptoms appear.
Barracuda Expands Intronis MSP Solutions Security Offerings

SoftBank snaps up mobile chip leader ARM for a whopping $32 billion

eFolder Launches Next-Gen BDR Appliance Family

Western Digital Expands Storage Capacity Of Several Drives In The My Passport Line Up To 4TB Providing New Capacity For The Industry Iconic Brand

Glyph Production Technologies unveils new line-up of rugged, portable and fast external hard drives featuring the latest USB-C connectivity.

IBM Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough
Technology can speed up machine learning and access to the Internet of Things, mobile phone apps and cloud storage
Gartner Says Worldwide Server Virtualization Market Is Reaching Its Peak
Growth Is Being Driven by Maintenance, Rather Than New LicensesGrowth Is Being Driven by Maintenance, Rather Than New Licenses
Small businesses find help from StorageCraft backup, disaster recovery solutions in fight against ransomware
In today’s world, ransomware adds to a long list of potential threats to business continuity, such as natural disasters, equipment failure, human error and malicious cyberattacks.
Datto Launches Datto Drive to Disrupt File Sync and Share Market for Small Businesses
Datto today announced the launch of Datto Drive, an inexpensive yet powerful file sync and share (FSS) service, intending to disrupt a highly commoditized market.
Project Infinite from Dropbox Brings Cloud-Stored Data to Desktop
Judging by the responses from users on Twitter, Dropbox' new technology for accessing cloud-based files from the desktop will be a welcome and much-needed improvement.
Visuality Systems and Microsoft expand Server Message Block collaboration to storage systems

Western Digital Enhances Its Datacenter Portfolio With WD Gold Hard Drives

Visuality Systems and Microsoft expand Server Message Block collaboration to storage systems
Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Visuality Systems Ltd. announced the expansion of their Server Message Block (SMB) collaboration from the embedded world to the enterprise market.
IBM and Box to Enable Local Data Storage in Europe and Asia with Box Zones and IBM Cloud

StorageCraft releases ImageManager 7
Backup management software’s new features based on IT professionals requests
NVIDIA DGX-1 Delivers Deep Learning Throughput of 250 Servers to Meet Massive Computing Demands of Artificial Intelligence
NVIDIA unveiled the NVIDIA DGX-1, the world's first deep learning supercomputer to meet the unlimited computing demands of artificial intelligence. -
Beating heart on a chip developed by Canadian scientists
Canadian scientists have developed a way to grow swatches of living heart tissue containing muscle and "blood vessels"  that beat rhythmically like a real heart.